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Mission & Who We Serve

Our mission and who we serve.

Mission statement: Asian Women United of Minnesota will end domestic violence by promoting safe and healthy relationships within the Asian-Pacific Islander community.

We are the leader in eliminating violence in the Asian-Pacific Islander community, and share the expertise of our best practices with others. Using the strengths of the API community, AWUM will uphold an environment free of violence, promote self-sufficiency for women, and foster nurtured and healthy children and families. Our intention is to fill in a gap by providing domestic violence shelter and support to Asian women, including those of Hmong, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Filipina, Chinese, Lao, South Asian, Korean and Thai descent. However, our domestic violence shelter and other programs are open to all women.

Click on the photo below to watch the digital story about Neha & Prasad and what it takes for them to maintain a strong and healthy relationship:

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AWUM Core Values

RESPECT: We approach everyone as capable, resourceful, whole and creative. We have a heart and are aware, empathetic, sensitive and committed to understanding the needs of our clients without judgment or assumption.

INTEGRITY: We are accountable in each of our actions and interactions. We are open, honest and transparent in all of our work.

DIVERSITY: We appreciate individuals and do not make assumptions.  We value difference, view cultures equally, and operate inclusively.

TEAMWORK: We work together as staff, volunteers and families to achieve our Mission and Vision.

PASSION: We are deeply committed to serving the Asian-Pacific Islander community, ending domestic violence, and abiding by all of our Core Values.

Don’t know if you are being abused or need to go to a shelter? Find out more about abuse, or call us 24 hours a day 612-724-8823.